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BBSI has the ability to offer workers’ compensation insurance at a much lower rate than their competitors, as their customers all join the same policy. With 150,000 members across the US, this helps to drive rates down. When buying workers’ compensation insurance through BBSI, your service doesn’t just stop with your workers’ compensation insurance. You get a complete package of services. This package includes, but is not limited to, human resources outsourcing, payroll services, risk counseling, and management services.
Brief company history
BBSI has a long history of professional service. Opening its doors in 1951, BBSI started out as a staffing agency located in the Pacific Northwest. As BBSI grew, so did their clients’ needs. Fifteen years ago BBSI began offering human resources outsourcing, payroll services, risk counseling, as well as management services. After decades of providing the highest professional services to their clients, BBSI has become the largest company of their kind in the United States.

Brief Owner Bio

Dan Ryan was a small business owner. After building his company successfully, Dan decided to sell his company and move back to his hometown of San Luis Obispo, CA. Dan was a happy client of BBSI’s and believed in BBSI’s services as well as the product. Shortly after Dan’s move back to his hometown, BBSI invited him to join their company. Knowing how powerful BBSI’s services and products were, Dan decided to joint BBSI and started his own branch.

Business Services

Workers' compensation, payroll services, public relations, risk management.

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