Never too old for your dream home—remodeling tips for senior citizens from the Paso Robles contractor

contractor paso robles

contractor paso robles

Overall today’s senior citizens are much more active than their parents and grandparents were at the same age. Being older doesn’t mean everyone is ready to move to the senior community. Many still have deep roots in their communities, activities with friends and family, gardening and continue to work. Just about every senior no matter active will admit to new aches, a little more joint creaking, maybe a little less energy, or needing to watch TV with glasses but these changes don’t necessarily mean it’s time to start collecting retirement community brochures.  Frank Cueva, owner of Central Pacific Construction, says there are several home renovations that can make life at home more suited to a senior.

  • Replacing stairs with ramps makes getting in and out of the house easier and safer. Properly constructed and installed ramps reduce the risk of falling. For two story homes, consider installing a chair lift.
  • Installing easy to clean flooring that is much less work to keep looking fresh and tidy.
  • Repairing doors, drawers and windows so they are easier to open. Over time these well-used things can get a little out of alignment causing them to not open as smoothly as they should.
  • Making frequently used doorways wider.
  • Remodeling kitchen, bathroom and laundry room cabinets to add pull out storage and reduce kneeling, bending and standing on step stools to find things. Other storage areas like the broom and linen closet and pantry can also be remodeled to include pull out storage.
  • A few changes in the bathrooms such as comfort-height toilets, showers without curbs or step in bathtubs can add new levels of comfort. Adding grab bars is also an important safety feature reports the Paso Robles contractor.
  • Motion activated lights both interior and exterior are as convenient as they are safety features. Inside the home, electric outlets and switch plates that light up make it easier to get around in the dark.

Working with the professionals

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