Play Texas Hold’em poker tournament at Heritage Ranch

Play poker tournament at Heritage Ranch

Poker Heritage Ranch

The Heritage Ranch Senior Center.

The 7th Annual Texas Hold’EM No Limit Fundraising Tournament will be held on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at the Heritage Ranch Senior Center from Noon to 7:00 p.m.

The cost to enter is $25.The entry fee buys each player $20,000 in chip value. There will be Hot & Cold Appetizers, soft drinks, iced tea and coffee. All 9 final table winners will receive a prize.

There will be over $1,000 in prizes awarded. Reservations are required. For more information call (805) 226-8274.

The Senior Center regularly holds Texas Hold’em poker games on the third Friday of each month. Texas Hold Em is played in the main room of the Senior Center at 7 p.m.

What is Texas Hold ’em?

Texas hold’em, also known as hold ’em or holdem, is a variation of the standard card game of poker. Texas hold ’em consists of two cards (hole cards) being dealt face down to each player and then five community cards being placed face-up by the dealer — a series of three (“the flop”) then an additional single card (“the turn” or “fourth”) and another additional card (“the river” or “fifth street”) – with players having the option to check, bet, raise or fold after each deal; i.e., betting may occur prior to the flop, “on the flop”, “on the turn”, and “on the river”.

Read more about the rules to Texas Hold ’em here

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